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Friday, August 31, 2012

What Business Is

Am I Political? Ahh, yeah. I’m not against any group. But I know that the rich can care for themselves, protect themselves, provide for themselves, create the platforms and forums to voice their concerns and use their connections and family ties to ensure that losses are kept minimal while every road to prosperity is ever expanding. That’s a GOOD THING! Of course there are people like Oprah, Bill Gates and countless other’s who are genuinely striving to make the world a better place.
And then there are others. Those who believe that there wealth makes the entitled to clean air while the rest of us breath smog. Those who think it’s ok to dump toxic waste onto the soil of a third-world country, leaving indigenous villagers to drink poison water, while they, the rich, drink only Perrier water. How about those who will vote to under-fund schools while investing in private correctional facilities. Or the kinds of people who refuse to endorse (even actively block) the erection of a grocery store in a low income neighborhood, then complain about the rising healthcare cost of the residents of that community.
No, I’m not against the wealthy; I’m against pimps.
The kind of people, Politicians & Pimps, that say “Trust Me” while they do something unspeakable to you. The kind of devil worshiping, Satanist that think some people were put in the earth to serve as footstools for others. There are people who think that poverty is worst than death and that poor people would fair better if they were dead. Technically these people feel that a lack of means bars an individual from claiming liberties and basic inalienable rights. Theses people think like pimps. Let’s compare:
Pimps think whores are their PROPERTY…..Rich Republicans think they own everything.
Rich Republicans think the poor should only work to build their corporations…..Pimps thinks a ho should give him all the money and line his pockets.
Rich republicans believe that the masses should remain uneducated and thereby more controllable…..Pimps seek out illiterate women and children who are lost and looking for someone to lead the way.
Pimps often use physical punishment to reinforce their position…..Rich Republicans fund military might, lax gun policies, the death penalty; all in effort to keep broke-ass folks In-Check.
Pimps believe in postulating and living large even when they are broke…..Rich Republicans believe is spending tax dollars (which they didn’t contribute) on outdated modes of operating, and wars without cause.
Rich Republicans want us to think things can go on indefinitely as they have. Even in the face of global warming, they want to smile and say “It’s all good.”…..Pimps smile and say “I love you” when they really mean “I love that I have you to make me money and take all the risks”
Pimps and Rich Republicans are both excellent sources for those whose need to be…
Lied to                                             Exploited
Misused                                          Misrepresented
Led astray                                       Brokenhearted
Deceived                                         Broken-down
Enslaved                                         Beat-down
It’s ok if your into that sort thing but you should keep that in your bedroom with other consenting adults and not in the political arena. After all there are people who cannot live autonomously, and they crave flamboyant leadership; however corrupt. Just don’t try telling me that hell is a ski lodge because I’ve read the brochure and I know what’s up.

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