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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Gift of Gab

   It was nearly twenty years ago when I asked my dad if I talked too much. His answer was.." Sometimes a gift of gab comes in handy." As usual, Daddy was right. Though some folks would rather slap or kick, I know that the power of words bear far more force than violence. Comedians joke that you should knock out your kids. Is that really the extent of their communication level? Can they not find the simplistic words to share an idea with a child?
   So, you can't get through to your child without beating him/her. In school the teacher has to beat your child just to maintain order in the class. Soon, the cops, the spouse, the neighbor, even the world can only beat your child down, because that is the only language that they have learned. No words can shed light into the sad darkness of their pathetic lives and that same rage shall bury them and all things that are contaminated with the pain and minuteness of their existence

   Open your heart and give your child knowledge instead of regret. Open your mouth and give your child the truth of LOVE (Not the Pimp-hand), instead of preparing your child to be Pimped throughout life.