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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hobbling Flow

Stepping to me is plain self defeat

My flow is the bomb - simple - complete

Words that converge upon the absurd

Sharp; they cut - like swords through meat

Wanna try me, call a doctor

Cause it truly is a pitty

Have you sucking this verbal cunt

Like it was a third titty

You begged me to do you

So now I stomped right through you

Ain’t no shame in my game

And I wont complain

When I spit this crazy shit

That be fuck’n with your brain

So get up out my face

Cause you don’t fit in this space

This flow will leave you hobbled

Like a three-legged-race


Once again, Americans have made their choice; proving that they are a people of inclusion, peace and wealth for all. Many sacrifices have been made to get to this point but the work has just begun as many Democrats failed to understand the importance of voting democratic across the board, thereby giving the President the support he needs to be even more effective in his appointed duties.

Basically, rich republicans will continue to pimp our system by blocking every move Obama makes for the good of all peoples. There can be no doubt that Americans are held hostage and economically raped as giant firms, corporations and special interest groups fight to keep average citizens caught in economic limbo.
Please understand how this works by using a game of tag as an example…
Lets say you’re a wealthy republican and you’re it. Instead of shielding your eyes and counting as the other players hide, you pay someone else to tell you where everyone is hiding then you go find them all. That’s the first advantage that wealthy republicans have; the power and wealth to sidestep the rules of the game and come out winning without doing their fair share of hustling. They can pay others to do the dirty work that keeps their hands clean when the crap hit’s the fan, because when the jig is up, it will be the “Rat-Fink” who gets the beat-down while the cheater is getting out of dodge.
Before being discovered, the wealthy republican has had plenty of time to get a firm lead I the game because he/she has already scoped out the best hiding places and they are always close to the “Free Zone.” And they aren’t hesitant to offer up a hiding neighbor if it will buy them time to get away instead.
Wealthy republicans know how to change the rules to suit the situation. So when called on a particular game strategy, they are apt to argue down any opposition with insane “logic” that leaves other players baffled and befuddled.
While other players are quarreling about the outcome of the game, the wealthy republican has declared himself/herself winner and taken home the prize.
Democrats and other people who want equality to be the norm rather than the exception must first…
Stop fighting amongst each other and come to reasonable understanding and agreement on key issues that effect all our great nation’s inhabitants.
Give! Time, money, talent and prayer are all needed - all the time, not just during election years. Involvement is not a word, it’s an action and a commitment. Getting to know our neighbors, community leaders and institutions is not the equivalent of nosiness; it’s the togetherness that has enabled all cultures to thrive and prosper. Only when the house, nation, family, community or soul is divided, can it be truly conquered.
As a nation, we have banned together once more to overcome the oppression and tyranny of the wealthy republicans who think we are victims, beggars and valueless beings. Now we must strive to rebuild what has been devastated by greed, scandal, corruption, indifference and hate. We must lend a hand and give a hoot about hope…hope for all Americans.