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Friday, August 31, 2012

What Business Is

Am I Political? Ahh, yeah. I’m not against any group. But I know that the rich can care for themselves, protect themselves, provide for themselves, create the platforms and forums to voice their concerns and use their connections and family ties to ensure that losses are kept minimal while every road to prosperity is ever expanding. That’s a GOOD THING! Of course there are people like Oprah, Bill Gates and countless other’s who are genuinely striving to make the world a better place.
And then there are others. Those who believe that there wealth makes the entitled to clean air while the rest of us breath smog. Those who think it’s ok to dump toxic waste onto the soil of a third-world country, leaving indigenous villagers to drink poison water, while they, the rich, drink only Perrier water. How about those who will vote to under-fund schools while investing in private correctional facilities. Or the kinds of people who refuse to endorse (even actively block) the erection of a grocery store in a low income neighborhood, then complain about the rising healthcare cost of the residents of that community.
No, I’m not against the wealthy; I’m against pimps.
The kind of people, Politicians & Pimps, that say “Trust Me” while they do something unspeakable to you. The kind of devil worshiping, Satanist that think some people were put in the earth to serve as footstools for others. There are people who think that poverty is worst than death and that poor people would fair better if they were dead. Technically these people feel that a lack of means bars an individual from claiming liberties and basic inalienable rights. Theses people think like pimps. Let’s compare:
Pimps think whores are their PROPERTY…..Rich Republicans think they own everything.
Rich Republicans think the poor should only work to build their corporations…..Pimps thinks a ho should give him all the money and line his pockets.
Rich republicans believe that the masses should remain uneducated and thereby more controllable…..Pimps seek out illiterate women and children who are lost and looking for someone to lead the way.
Pimps often use physical punishment to reinforce their position…..Rich Republicans fund military might, lax gun policies, the death penalty; all in effort to keep broke-ass folks In-Check.
Pimps believe in postulating and living large even when they are broke…..Rich Republicans believe is spending tax dollars (which they didn’t contribute) on outdated modes of operating, and wars without cause.
Rich Republicans want us to think things can go on indefinitely as they have. Even in the face of global warming, they want to smile and say “It’s all good.”…..Pimps smile and say “I love you” when they really mean “I love that I have you to make me money and take all the risks”
Pimps and Rich Republicans are both excellent sources for those whose need to be…
Lied to                                             Exploited
Misused                                          Misrepresented
Led astray                                       Brokenhearted
Deceived                                         Broken-down
Enslaved                                         Beat-down
It’s ok if your into that sort thing but you should keep that in your bedroom with other consenting adults and not in the political arena. After all there are people who cannot live autonomously, and they crave flamboyant leadership; however corrupt. Just don’t try telling me that hell is a ski lodge because I’ve read the brochure and I know what’s up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


   Oh yeah, they mad. But so am I! All these opportunities; Schools Social Services, SBA, Medical Assistance, VA, Agencies and Advocates, Local Politicians, Housing and Home assistance (USDA, HUD), Churches, Charities and Shelters; and some people don’t care enough to keep these institutions available, just because they haven’t needed the services offered or because the don’t need them now.

Remember Katrina and every other natural disaster that has claimed the fortunes and dreams countless ordinary folk who were hard-working home owners, now waiting line for food, water and other basics. Help is for anyone who needs it, when ever they need it, regardless of why they need it.

There are people who would have you believe that the only people who request the assistance of Aid Agencies are lazy, undeserving cretins who suck the nation dry leaching the system. Of course the rich needn’t stand in line when the their bottom line is in the red or when they run into a bump in the proverbial road; they simply call a buddy who happens to be a Congressman or Judge and before the general public knows that the rules have been twisted, a new policy, program or law is enacted to give the rich the upper hand. They’d gained the advantage during the Reagan and Bush years. Now they intend to reclaim it and keep it by bleeding everything from every nook & cranny of society until you and I won’t be able to buy a pack of chewing gum without their permission and a special pass.

Oh, they mad ah-ight! They mad cause people are pulling together. Helping those in need. Networking. Creating small business that take change out of their registers. Re-doing, renewing, reusing, remodeling, rehashing and rehabbing and leaving their crap to collect dust on the shelves. They mad cause they can’t keep us down.



My Father told me that when he grew up in Attala County Mississippi, during the 1930s -1940s, “A nigger was just a nigger!” Back then it didn’t matter how much money you had or how you worked, the system was designed to “keep a nigger in his place.” Anyone with basic American history knows this fact, but what many don’t know or (don’t want to except) is that Rich Republicans see all poor people as THE NEW NIGGERS. Some will call me all kinds of bigots after reading this but that doesn’t change the fact that keeping a large portion of the population strung-out, burned-out, knocked-up under educated, over worked, under paid, and lulled into a state of catatonia through mindless television programming and every other vice and distraction that can be thrust into their paths, is simply a way to maintain control: The same way a parent might placate a child with sweets just to get a few moments of quiet in the house---No Difference!
The south didn’t win. So a new game plan was set in action so that those on top ( Would-not Could) stay on top. Don’t get me wrong, being on top is a very good thing. But not when it is achieved via the blood of others.
Why do I get down with this chatter? Simple!
Have you ever seen two hungry animals go after the same morsel? Sharing is not in that equation - Ever! The strongest or the quickest get’s it. This same principal is applied to the poor. “Throw the dogs a bone and let them scrap it out” As for the fools fighting in the pit, it’s winner take all. Not realizing that the real feast is being hidden.
I sincerely hope I don’t come off as militant or angry; I’m just informed. Sharing has always been more common among those who have the least. Take the woman in The Bible who gave a few pennies, but it was all she had. It’s high time for us to be just that giving…GIVE OUR OWNSELVES A CHANCE!!!
The brother hasn’t completed a term in office and what’s on the minds of the poor “He ain’t made no jobs.” let’s face it, the days of making big money for doing elementary work are gone. If the work is simple there is someone willing to do it for half a penny or a machine is already doing it faster and less costly than you or I could ever do it. President Obama, is just that…The President. And there are people who resent that he has heart. But before you think I’m talking out my armpit ---dig up on this. Electric cars such as the (EV1): visit these sites to learn more.

If you seek government assistance under false pretences, i.e.; while working, you would face the stiffest legal penalties and be labeled fraud, cheat, project queen and a myriad of slurs inducing images of great wealth, big cars, furs and jewels. When truth would more likely yield a person that had fallen so far behind during a stint of unemployment, that the needed to continue receiving benefits just to catch up on utility bills and the family members they owe. No body with a thimble of common sense would suffer the headache for such small pittance; less work robbing a stage coach.
Dig this. GM was bailed out by the government, right. Corporate Welfare is what it’s called, right? Are you aware that this company might have been worth trillions by now if the hadn’t allowed the oil companies to burry the EV1. This automobile was efficient, electric and given time on the market it would have become affordable.


Once again the bones have been thrown and it’s time for all people who want a better future, a better country, a better life and a better chance to live, to stop scrapping for bones and go for the real meat. These hedonists are trying to PIMP THE PUBLIC AND CALL IT LOVE.
We know that the next wave of jobs will be in clean energy, so why do they fight Obama when he proposes initiatives that could lead the way in renewably and sustainability. Some of you may know the U.S. Government pays foreign scholars to come here and work in technological fields; they pay everything, travel, housing, five & six figures, and in some cases make them citizens because the jobs they hold cannot be filled with U.S. college graduates. WHY, YOU ASK? Well, the corporations and labs that seek foreign workers for these high paying jobs- say American schools just aren’t turning out top-notch grads/candidates for this job market. But just think of what that same $$$ could do if it were channeled into American schools.
AAAAhhhhhhhhwwwwwww people, it’s all messed up and we know that it will take an act of God, to change things but that does not mean we shouldn’t do all we can, and one thing that we can do is go the extra mile in helping our young people see how they are being PIMPED, how the are being PLAYED, especially when they are led to believe that gaining knowledge is something you do to please a teacher, parent or anyone else. The other thing that we can do is use the voice that others DIED to give you - Vote and give Ourselves, our President and our Children a better chance.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Rich want to Pimp America

I know that everyone is ready to cast their votes in the upcoming elections, so why would I take the time to voice concerns about candidates? Simple. To share with everyone what I’ve learned while researching options.
On the national front, many Americans may not know that there are wealthy persons who derive great pleasure and benefit from the impoverishment of others. Just like a Slave Driver, Flesh Peddler or Master Pimp, these persons need feeble-minded followers to build their empires into the massive frameworks that continue to flourish exponentially. One “ho” doesn’t make a pimp rich, just as a few unemployed people don’t create a recession. But when a pimp’s whores are trained to recruit other wayward souls, then his/her stable grows and the money pours in. Such is the case with a Government run by wealthy hedonist who know nothing of the plight of the “Average People” that they have been chosen to represent. Most of these politicians have known wealth all their lives. They have no idea what a single parent endures to raise children, keep them safe, in school and on the right path. They are brainless to the horrors faced by working families as their funds plummet from the high costs of food, health care, and other basic necessities of living. Most wealthy politicians are clueless to the experience of foreclosure. And loosing the family home is so common that many Americans and now living in a permanent state of mental decline and clinical depression.
Why do so many politicians spend so much time slinging mud at President Barack Obama? Because they know that he understands the issues of most Americans! He has been in the shoes of many of them and he truly wants America to be a better place for All it’s Citizens! Not just the rich. Not just the movie stars and athletes. Obama wants every hard-working man, woman and teen to peruse their dreams in the country that was built on dreams.
As the first President to introduce legislation against Human Trafficking, he is informed about the underrepresented and he is in touch with the most vulnerable of our country’s population. President Obama is not yielding to the rich, therefore they want him out.
Lies and propaganda must not win over truth. Look around! The rich will tell us that there is no money, yet they continue to BUY! SPEND! And even SPURGE on the desires of their fancy---while the rest of us struggle to pay light bills and eat. The rich go and do as they please while average citizens are incarcerated for driving without auto insurance, failing to pay taxes and a plethora of other minor offences, that mark them as criminals and tear asunder families. Unemployed husbands commit desperate acts while mothers fall asleep behind the wheels of cars after working two - and even three jobs. Teens fill detention centers for lack of constructive activates while the rich send their children to private lessons at country clubs.
People! Be ye not deceived. President Obama did not create the dire state in which we now exist, but he is working to turn our country around - back to the Great Nation that is once was; where all had a chance to realize The American Dream.
-The rich did not want everyone to have health care…they have it.
-The rich do not want to pay fair tax rates…we pay them first.
-The rich do not want immigrants to enjoy the wealth of this
nation…but, the gladly send our jobs abroad.
-The rich wage war on drugs…they import them without fear.
-The rich employ whole law firms to defend their infractions…if I have
a job, I don’t qualify for free legal representation.
-The rich strip our schools of operating funds…while sending their
children to private institutions.
-The rich call us beggars when we seek government
assistance…while requesting millions in aid to bolster failing
companies and corporations.
-The rich call us animals when we stage demonstrations in the
street…yet they fund wars in other countries just to sell the bullets
and bandages to them.
-The rich tell us to eat healthy…yet; price fixing causes vegetables
and milk to cost more than candy and soda.
-The rich say we are lazy…yet they employ immigrants to do the jobs
that we apply for.
-The rich can afford to spoil their children…many Americans can’t
buy medicine when their kids get sick.
-The rich can stay in hotel suites that cost $2,500 - $9k per
night…many Americans can’t pay their mortgage or rent. Click here
to see how they live:

-The rich don’t know anything about you or me…yet they say they
want to govern us and represent us as our leaders.
-The rich no nothing of poverty…yet they make the policies that
create impoverishment.
Haven’t we had enough of their lies and tricks. Don’t fall for it people. Remember Regan’s “Trickle Down Effect ?” What do you remember trickling your way? I remember Crack trickling into my neighborhood. I remember prices rising while my paycheck dwindled. I remember the lies and I’m not hearing it or having it.
The rich might think of themselves as Master Pimps but I’m not on the stroll for them!