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Saturday, October 6, 2012

THE RANT vol. 1

I really did my best to think good, calm thoughts today. I went to the library, searched for books on one of my favorite topics, Zombies, and what the shnitzle did I come across? A book entitled (Obama Zombies, how liberals brainwashed our generation.) Now, the person who wrote this book is either too stupid to know that a generation is waaaayyyyy longer than four years or the book is written by a pre-schooler and therefore holds as much merit as the Easter Bunny @ Christmas time. Needless to say I was peeved all over again.

I grant you, the republicans may win this election by lies and trickery, it’s been done before; especially if Democrats are lulled into believing that voting doesn’t count, but it’s a sad way to end the day. Just knowing that many middle class Americans are too busy working hard and raising families to know why the republican’s lies are so strongly perpetuated…well, it breaks my heart.

Growth requires pangs. A baby won’t learn to walk if it is afraid to take a step. The republicans want us to foolishly believe that this country can painlessly recover from this longstanding crisis. Everyone, except wealthy republicans has been biting the bullet to aid the recovery process - yet republicans want business as usual in their camp. Unfortunately some republicans, who may not be wealthy are simply misguided when they think that poor people and Government incentive efforts are the real problem in this country, because more natural disasters are sure to come and many of them are doomed to find themselves applying for the same assistance that they claim to despise.

Wealthy republicans throw the word “Privatize” around the same way the south used the word “Secession” before the Civil War. They really think it’s ok to just let states and corporations make all their own rules and do their own thing. I suppose the republicans don’t see the need for national databases or information sharing, either.

This great country will never relive her former status if it is allowed to be driven into the ground by wealthy robber-barons who truly believe that the player with the most toys wins. It is the player who plays best that wins over and over again. Even if it means allowing other players to possess some of the toys so that they can stay in the game. After all, if you are the only one with toys to play with, you’ll have no friends, no allies as everyone else is now working together to dethrone you and divide the spoils. It’s more fun playing when others are in on the game. Greed has a bitter price. Loneliness an isolation.

I am not suggesting that any player should throw the game; just don’t cheat. That’s all the republicans have been doing for the past four years. The republicans have no need to restore the United States of American to prosperity - they are already prosperous at the expense of others.

Ok, maybe the republicans really do believe that crap that they are spitting. People tend to justify the evil that they do. But the results are devastating for the entire world. And just like a child who takes all the toys and goes home, the republicans really want control of the whole court. They want to pick the teams, say who goes first, make the rules, referee, play in the game, sit in the judges chair, and punish the loosers…cause they just know they’ve got this game won.

*Let every DEMOCRAT know that you don’t need an ID to vote.
*Every DEMOCRATIC vote will count, because republican will be rolling their sick into the polls on gurneys if they have to.THEY AIN’T PLAY’N!
*Get those absentee votes in early.
*Poll watches are need for each precinct to prevent republican voter fraud.
*If you are blessed to have a vehicle, PLEASE, be a blessing to some one else and take people to the polls.
*Call friends, family and neighbors to remind then about the election and the importance of putting DEMOCRATS in office across the board so that President Obama’s initiatives will not be blocked in gridlock as they have been in the past four years. 
*PLEASE help our people to understand that school vouchers are the stupidest thing since sagging pants. A few lucky kids get to go to better schools, in another area, if they win one of the few available vouchers in a raffle, while all the others who don’t win in the drawing have to go to the failing schools in their districts…why not work together and make ALL SCHOOLS SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL!
*America is great because of ALL it’s people…not just the rich ones.

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