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Saturday, February 11, 2017


A few people, who love and know me well, have heard me make such broad statements as…

“I can’t stand doctors.”

“Doctors get on my nerves.”

“Doctors make me sick.”

“I stay away from doctors; they’ll kill you.”

Mind you, I have my reasons for my opinion and we all know that there some quacks out there who accomplish more harm than good in their practices, but I’m here today to make a public apology, because what I said was not what I truly feel. First; please allow me to THANK ALL MEDICAL PERSONAL who have made the sacrifices required to join the elite group of humans who diligently strive to alleviate the suffering of their fellow human-beings.

The true intentions of my statements is that:

I hate it when doctors act as though I flunked kindergarten; like I have no right to inquire as to their findings and recommendations. I despise any professional who maximizes their title while belittling those outside of their circle of influence.

Take for instance a builder who believes that only builders can read blueprints, therefore, they refuse to discuss plans and schematics with the lowly janitor. That seems to be the way that some physicians address the queries of patients, just because those patients don’t have a medical degree. I have asked doctors questions only to be met with sneers of arrogance and half-assed explanations for the prescribed treatments. There have even been instances of out-right hostility, as though my daring to question the care-giver was an open show of refusal or distrust. That was not the case at all. It never has been. But I have an innate need to know the “Whys and particulars” my own situation. After all, this is My Health & My Body in question. Even if it is a friend or loved one; the fact that they have trusted and invited me to join them in the examining room, gives me permission to make queries and seek answers on their behalf.

So, why behave as though I have requested sacred knowledge, just because I’d like to know more about this pill, treatment, surgery or procedure? Why the crappy attitude when I voice a concern? Why the hostility when I explain my disagreement? I understand that you are well versed in your craft. But I am very familiar with my body and my situation.  

For instance: I had just completed six months of physical therapy on my foot that had been broken in a fall. I was no longer limping, could wear regular shoes and I was feeling pretty-good about my over-all progress and despite having enjoyed my friendly specialist and her comical anecdotes, I was looking forward to being released and the end of the ninety-mile-each-way trips. My last visit was met with a new therapist, as my regular “Lady Doctor” had an emergency and was out that day. This new guy, who’d never seen me before seemed intelligent. He examined my foot and commented that I’d taken ballet. To that, I replied with an astonished, “How’d you know?” He explained that he’d seen many deformities of the feet; a result of toe dancing and the over-all punishment that dancers subject their feet to.

Then he suggested a corrective surgery that would provide great comfort. But he wanted to correct BOTH FEET AT THE SAME TIME! This would mean six weeks without the use of my feet! I thought “Has this guy been smoking CRACK!” So, I asked him did he realize what he’d just proposed?

·         Six weeks without walking would cause major cramps.

·         I’d develop digestive problems.

·         I couldn’t bath, clean my house, care for my animals or go to the toilet.

·         I’d soon be fighting depression from my inability to move.

·         I have just dealt with months of discomfort and inconvenience due to ONE broken foot and now he was proposing that I subject myself to more of the same – only, multiplied infinitely.

·         Not to mention that I would have to endure further rounds of physical therapy.

After breaking this down to this clown, I had to ask him if anyone had agreed to such nonsense. When he said yes, I could only shake my head. . . “Those trusting fools,” I thought to myself as I kindly declined his persistent offer to make my life miserable. Even after a series of firm “No’s” he kept insisting. I finally shut him up by asking him if he was late on his boat payment because he was acting desperate for money. Needless to say, that doctors visit did not end with hugs and smiles.

I still haven’t been able to figure out what would make a person think that I could afford to sit on my ass for six weeks for anything less than a life-threatening emergency. I’m a busy person with an abundance of responsibilities. The only thing he seemed to see in me was an insurance payment. And those kinds of physicians tarnish the efforts of the real Good-Guys & Gals.    

Monday, July 18, 2016

Qandeel Baloch

Although I rarely keep abreast of current events (as I know that there is nothing new under the sun), I just happened to see this as I logged on today and I felt the need to speak out because I know the pain of being expected to win, while being robbed of the recourses to do so. I personally know the heartache of being held-back, pinned down and reigned in, while male counterparts are encouraged to forge ahead.  

Since my youth, I've lived with the double-standard of being criticized for attempting to master the same feats that males are haled for. Being called a tomboy, ball-buster & dyke are nothing compared to the uphill struggle of having men take credit for my work, get paid more for doing less work and go out of their way to discredit me at every turn. 

I sought to find out what pictures this young woman posted that caused her brother to take her life. I found none. What I did find was that we still live in a world that rewards the son for being male, while punishing the daughter for being born with a vagina. The son's penis is worth more than the daughter's brains, talents, innovative ideas and courage. This idiot didn't kill his sister for honor - he was jealous of her wit & personality. He could  not handle the fact that she was actually "the favorite son" making more money. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello my friend. I take it that you, like most of us, are going through something. I’m here today to share a bit about adversity: you know, those challenges that seem to turn us every which way but loose…

We hate to see it coming, but come it must, if we are to evolve as people. There is much to be learned and gained by adversity. Just look at a baby learning to walk; it’s the falling down that teaches the babe to balance and hold on to support. Likewise, we find our truest strength in adverse situations: overcoming and persevering teaches us to trust ourselves and the wise counsel of others. We experience growth from pushing through the pain and we gain stability and greater self-reliance.

Most of us love to shine. We brush and polish our hair, teeth and skin into a state of radiance. But when it comes to our souls, we resist the abrasion, the heat, friction and pressure that fashion us into better human beings, enabling us to shine brightly for Christ.

Monday, May 2, 2016


To Pimp: verb 
Use, Manipulate, Enslave, Take Advantage, Exploit, Pander

Pimps: noun
Systematic or Institutionalized Oppression

Imagine a beautiful mad-scientist, hell-bent on conquering the world but there's one hiccup, he has to get past God. So what would any cowardly villain do when attacking the head of the household is off limits; they go for the kids. After all, destroy the youth and there's no hope for the culture/civilization.

That's the way all pimps work. They poison the minds of the precious youth that parents have sacrificed for, robbing them of their hope for the future.

Mind you, real pimps are not the colorful clowns portrayed by the entertainment industry; They are the corrupt courts, indifferent educators, greed-driven leaders and criminal-masterminds who pass themselves off as politicians and business-people.

Pimps are anyone who would profit from the misery of another. Megalomaniacs and sociopaths who lack any forms of human empathy. Thus they are not only capable of atrocities to fellow human-kind, but feel justified in doing so.

This was the case with the first pimp, Satan, and remains so today as more and more people feel entitled to misuse and abuse others, whether for profit or licentious pursuits.

What better way to punish the creator than to degrade His Children?

The world is full of shrewd, crafty and ingenious people who wouldn't (Knowingly) profit from the degradation of another human being (or animals), but Satan has a way of making the profane seem normal while depicting honorable endeavors as odd and out of sorts with reality.

This Blog is entitled "Pimpology" to express my desire to share truths and wisdom as I seek enlightenment along my journey through life.

I have been Blessed to see and experience much and I know Jehovah as kept me for His good purpose. I am compelled to explore the hidden and share the light which has been so graciously shined upon the shadows of my life.

Pimplogy is not meant to shock or offend. It is merely a rallying cry to wake up and look around, for Satan is on the loose to kill, steal and destroy. Uncovering his tactics may help someone avoid his various pitfalls and traps, which he has laid throughout the world.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


In one hand and out the other…

From check to check…

Working to stay broke…

Working Poor…

Living without savings and a “Rainy Day Fund” is often the result of a Consumer Mindset. It’s a set-up to get soaked when the rains come – and they will come to us all.

We’ve all become more aware of this cultural phenomenon since the Great Housing Meltdown. Working to stay broke has become common-place in our society because we are accustomed to instant gratification and constant advertisement bombarding us with all the magical things that would make us happy, if we only had them NOW.  

My mother said: “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much of it you keep.”

Dad said: “Don’t let all your money slip through your fingers like water, learn to stop a dollar.” He often spoke of my grandmother, who could squeeze a dollar so tight that the eagle would scream.

Living through the Great Depression taught an entire generation the principals of Frugality. Now my generation is revisiting those same principals with the recent shift to downsized lifesyles and Tiny Houses.

Many are reviving the Family Farm, and re-learning the fine art of feeding themselves.

This isn’t to say that consumerism is dead; not by a long shot.  But many of us have seen, first hand, how easily wealth and the stature it brings, can be stripped away in the face of sudden economic down-turn. Those of us who had all our eggs in one proverbial basket; whether it was a career, home equity, a meager savings account or an unreliable backup plan, felt the sting the hardest when that which we valued, lost its value.

Children crowd our nation’s classrooms all through their youth, only to enter the real world under-educated and ill-prepared for the actuality of daily life. While memorizing irrelevant facts and dealing with peer-pressure is time consuming and energy draining, learning the basics of Self Preservation, Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking have been done away by persons who neither have or know any REAL CHILDREN. If they did know some children, they would know that our country is quickly going to hell in a handbag, because our youth are not learning the critical skills of Survival and Progress.

Before I go further, please let me state that I am neither pointing the Blame-Finger, nor am I criticizing any parties or persons. I’m simply stating the obvious. We must do better at preparing our youth for prosperity, if we are to experience a future of growth as a Nation.

Teaching youngsters the true use of money (A Tool To Get Things Done) will not inhibit economic growth, nor will it curb spending. In fact, future generations will spend more because they will have more to spend. They will save and earn interest, invest and create growth. They will suffer less stress related illness, and their creativeness will flow, bringing new technologies and fruitful endeavors.

Of course, many Pay Day Loan offices will close their doors, but they will be replaced by new businesses that bring even more value into their communities.

That’s all I’m saying…SMILE!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Each of us have felt the sting (That JOLT to the very core of your being) that causes one to rethink all we previously took for-granted as FACT. For me, this happened in rapid succession, from 2007 to 2012; and like most Americans, I didn’t feel the economic burn until financial irritations became gaping wounds in my wallet.

Along with Identity Theft, Major Surgery, An Auto Wreck and World Wide Economic Downturn, there was also my deadly (Unrealistic) mind-set that kept me trudging along, hoping things would somehow change for the better. I didn’t realize that the only true change was needed in my thinking and course of action.

You see, there’s and old saying:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein

That was me. I was behaving insanely, like millions of others, and didn’t know it. Because what I’d been doing had worked so well in the past, I wasn’t diligently seeking a new way. Trying to maintain became spinning my wheels. Spinning my wheels turned into drowning in debt. Debt evolved into a toxic entity that took on a life of it’s own and started eroding all I’d worked for, whipping out my accomplishments and sources of joy.

Debt, with it’s insidious attributes, ate away my confidence, savings, relationships and my health. The stress was overwhelming. Not just the collection calls and endless letters, but the way people treated me (Total lack of respect) not to mention the constant effort to merely survive.

When more money is going out than coming in the break-point is inevitable and looming very near. So it was for me during those years of continuous economic decline. Simple things like food, utilities and cleaning supplies became scarce. And as Pride goeth before the fall, I kept my situation private, refusing to ask for help.

Mind you; I knew there were many facing the same dilemma, so I didn’t feel singled out. But my concern was with the woman reflected in the mirror. The woman I saw wasn’t the smart chick I’d grown to know, but some half-wit, trying to shore up a dam with a wad of gum. I couldn’t believe it had all come to this.

Over and over, I heard my Dad’s voice: “You can be too good for your own good.” When he was alive and spoke these word, I didn’t understand the meaning. I thought he meant that I shouldn’t be so charitable. But that wasn’t what he was talking about at all.

Dad was saying read the fine print twice and never make a deal on a handshake. He was instructing me to be more prudent in business, judgmental in finances and to understand that every offer is made for the benefit of the one making the offer – not the receiver. Dad wasn’t telling me “Not to be nice”, he was simply saying, “Don’t take any wooden nickels!”

 And in a world where there is a scam around every corner, that’s really sound advice.

Dad would often say: “Hope for the best…Plan for the worst.”

This too was advice I’d failed to take heed of. I didn’t foresee the worst until it was nearly too late. I was on the brink of filing bankruptcy before the true culprit was revealed. Only after learning that most of my financial issues weren’t lack of income (I was making good money) but my credit score was damaged by persons using my personal information to no good end. I’d had no idea the amount of falsified debt that was looming against me and how this was effecting my ability to gain the working capital I desperately needed to grow my business at the most critical growth point. Everywhere I turned, there were doors closed in my face and I had no concept of the real reason why.

As the DIVINE order of God’s Mercy prevailed, I met a man who was a credit counselor, through a mutual friend. I took his class and learned to read and monitor my Credit Report.

This marked the beginning of a new era for me and my business. It was a long road to financial recovery because the damage was so widespread. But the journey has been a Blessing, indeed. Not only have all my genuine accounts been verified, the discrepancies cleared, and my good name restored; my credit is now in good standing and my score has risen substantially.

It was a tremendous blow to learn that I’d been victimized, but the lessons and restoration that resulted is nothing short of a miraculous gift from God above.

And to quote my Dad…

“I’m living bout like I wanna.”   

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Say the word HERO and most brains form images of Caped Crusaders, Crime Fighters, Super-Powered Beings and Civil Servants. And though Teachers, Soldiers, Civil-Servants and countless others do save and changes lives, the World is filled with Unsung Heroes  & Heroines who pour out themselves to those around them, daily. 

Moms & Dads top the list as such and are seen as Heroes to the children that honor them, often later in life, after becoming Parents themselves and fully grasping the true depth of sacrifice their own parents made to ensure them the best quality of life possible.

Today I pay Tribute to My Aunt Ruth, who has been a Genuine Heroine to Generations: and though I’ve been Blessed by Many Beautiful Women in my Family & throughout Life, especially after My Mother passed on from this mortal realm, it was My Aunt Ruth that chatted with me daily, before she fell ill, Always offering encouragement, wisdom and insight.     

There’s not a female child born into Big Mama Ruth’s family (however extended or removed) that has not donned one of her Authentic Crochet Masterpieces: mittens, hats, scarves, ponchos, vests, afghans, skirts & skirt sets. She believes in dressing well & bade us all, likewise.

Aunt Ruth’s Community, Church and the Many Civic Organizations, to which she belonged (Lifetime-Easter Star) have been Blessed by her loving dedication to improvement, literacy and beautification. 

She never went anywhere without touching hearts and lifting lives. Aunt Ruth’s motto “ Do & Be Your Best,” has helped many to reach higher and achieve more. 

Born in Mississippi, she has traveled the entire globe many times. She’s volunteered to feed the hungry and clothed the less fortunate. GIVING is her mission. 

                            LOVING VIDEO

From all who have been touched and loved by You, Aunt Ruth…Thank You, Madam Hero. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I’d been looking at my situation as one of dire straits because it was uncomfortable and amazingly challenging. There were times when I thought walking away from it all would afford me, at the very least, a bit of R&R. 

Truth be told…despite the dreadfulness of it all, I am simply not a quitter. I’m tenacious and once I sink my teeth into and idea I’m not easily dissuaded. I have to live with my choices and that gives me more courage; puts for bite into my fight. It’s not that I don’t know how to let go, I simply choose not to be intimidated into letting go. And when I do walk away, it’s because I have calculated the value of doing so. 

That said; Satan took it upon himself to challenge my stance on this issue and to present me with the most difficult question I’d ever had to ask myself…
“Should I continue to fight for my home?” 

Of course, Satan was there at every turn with opposing views and indecision. But it was I - Me, who had to make the choice and to  not allow emotion or interference sway my judgment. People and their opinions often came into play. But again, I was the one living this nightmare and I knew that it was not an accident that Jehovah, in all His infinite wisdom, had allowed me to come to this place in my life. So, being the adventurer that I am, I sought to find out what I was that I was positioned to learn and how it might help others facing a similar plight. 

It didn’t take long for me to realize that our darkest days are the ones that prepare use to rejoice in the brightest light - like the storms that cause us to appreciate the calm after it has pasted. 

I’m still in the midst of this storm. But I’m in a stronger boat now. A boat made of appreciation. From the portholes of this vessel I see my situation and life in general in a new light. One of brilliance and Glory, because I’m so grateful to be so Blessed. It’s not about what happens to me or even how I fare as a result of the outcome. It’s all about what I’ve been fortunate to learn and how my experience might inform and encourage someone else who has found themselves in a similar predicament. 

I believe that all will turn out rosy and rewarding. But right here - right now, all is well with my soul. I know unequivocally and unquestionably that this experience, like all others, is shaping me and my life to be more efficient, effective and infectious when I tell people about the Glory of Christ and what He has done in my life. 

I have human eyes to see and appreciate all the beauty that is everywhere around and about me on this lovely, green earth. But I also have spirit eyes to see that which is less visible, obscured by the clouds of trials and tribulations. It’s through these spirit eyes that I view my situations and place merit on all the lessons learned by going through them. The pain and heartaches are not in vain and I strive to share these lessons with any and all who would take something away with them and put it to good use. 

I’m sharing this with you because I know that you too may be going through a painful time that has caused you to question…
“What did I do to deserve this?”
“Where is God now?”
“Why me?”
Or any of the other gazillion retorts that we spout when we hurt.  
I am not here to make light of my situation, because it is a mess. I simply want to convey that there is nothing that I can not handle because I know that I not in this by myself and I and not doing all this for myself. There’s a bigger picture. I see it far more clearly now…with my new eyes…SMILE*

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sometimes we opens our mouths to explain all that we don’t have, our short-comings and the reasons why “we can’t.” Little do we know that God has given each of us everything that we need to proceed in the task(s) that He has allotted us. But knowing how to proceed requires faith and hearing from The Lord. Like putting a puzzle together; all the pieces lay before us, yet we need a system to fit them correctly. And it helps to have an image of the desired outcome - the finished product. The picture is a continual source of direction that helps us stay on track, like the visions or dreams that God has set upon our hearts.
Just as we can get stuck and confused when putting a puzzle together, life’s journey can seem full of missing pieces and confusing diagrams. Often, life’s questions leave us feeling incomplete and inadequate. But, just as the picture on the puzzle box instills hope of completion, God has a grand vision for the lives of each of us. We need but look to His word and hear His voice in Prayer to begin/continue putting the pieces together: Working with God to create the masterpieces which are our lives.

The pieces are here. The ugly lie is that we “Ain’t Got”, “Don’t Have” or “Can’t Get” what we need to get the job done. Satan is the father of lies and this one takes the cake because The Twenty Third Psalm says…
If God cannot lie, and He has promised to supply ALL our NEEDS, then, it is not a matter of not having, but not using correctly what we do have. Here, in this land of plenty, we have too often believed this lie and fallen to the greatest depths of poverty and sickness. Confusion can lead us to use what we have unwisely. Anxiety can cause us to act hastily while fear can stifle us or prevent us from taking action at all.

Provisions and resources are too easily mismanaged or gobbled up by mishaps too numerous to name. Misguided emotions and misplaced affections only add to the mayhem. But the reality remains. We do have all we need to at least get started. And that’s what’s important - to get started. The challenge is vanquishing the lies that resound in our psyche, telling us all that we are lacking.
                                    I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH…
Ability, Knowledge, Patience, Power, Energy, Friends,  Money, Time, Connections
…aren’t original thoughts of the heart. They are the lies of the great pimp Satan who would have us believe that we are less than Children of The King, Lord God Jehovah. And if that lie doesn’t take hold and corrupt the soul the Devil simply lays down a more subtle version of the same brand of deceit. A lie telling us that what we do have available simply isn’t good enough. My house, looks, car, education, clout, voice or whatever, just won’t cut it. The truth is that we can start with what we have and build; improving as we learn more through experience and Faith.

Moses didn’t think he had “The Right Stuff” either, but that’s because he really didn’t want to do the job…who would? Come on - it seemed more like a suicide mission than A Great Calling. And God didn’t tell Moses anything about being a Historical Biblical Figure. But we are quick to react the same way, even though we know God has us covered, even if the situations get sticky and the puzzle pieces seem scattered to and fro. We know it from His Word, our own personal histories, the tales of those who have counseled us and we have but to look about and see how God is working wonders in the lives of believers every moment of every day. The believers God is using have challenges and issues of every imaginable kind. Yet they proceed because THEY MUST, THEY CAN, THEY LIVE FOR IT. They understand that if God be for them; who/what can stand against them? Diligent Believers fall, get back up, get knocked down, even trampled, knowing that each breath of life is another opportunity to continue the work of God…one more puzzle piece…because it’s there. And the lies are drowned out and subdued by Praises and shouts of Victory in Jesus.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


“Give me my roses while I can yet appreciate them…” my Mother would say, and so do I. Let me enjoy them as I live. Witness their beauty, caress their silken petals and smell their sweet perfume. I am not royalty, yet, no queen pageant winner has known more pride than I for all the praise and accolades given me.
I ask only that you heed my sage advice and follow not the tawdry paths that I have taken, for they have taken their toll. Choose you paths of your own; and not for fame or folly-but the path of enlightenment due all those who would seek the truth. I have lived long and seen much, and this much I know…Your life is your’s and you must live it for you.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Agree

I Agree

I agree with one thing that the wealthy tend to hark on relentlessly; that is the fact that the buck has to stop somewhere. Giving is a matter of choice and when I’ve worked my hinny off to afford a comfortable life only to find some fool trying to take it by force - of course I will fight with all my power to keep it. Too often I’ve been approached (begged) or threatened to give something that is MINE. I’m a caring sharing person and I believe in philanthropy. But I am a citizen and I have the right to fulfill my own pursuits of happiness without fear of wrath by someone who mistakenly thinks they should share my fortune by attrition. I write these words thoughtfully as I have given away fortunes only to be regarded as a sucker.

Having experience a plunge into financial crisis, I now guard my wealth with far more implicity and shrewdness. I care for my fellow man - every one. But I can give only so much time, energy and resources before the coffers are left empty, and I am quite aware of whom I cannot turn to for aid of any kind.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hobbling Flow

Stepping to me is plain self defeat

My flow is the bomb - simple - complete

Words that converge upon the absurd

Sharp; they cut - like swords through meat

Wanna try me, call a doctor

Cause it truly is a pitty

Have you sucking this verbal cunt

Like it was a third titty

You begged me to do you

So now I stomped right through you

Ain’t no shame in my game

And I wont complain

When I spit this crazy shit

That be fuck’n with your brain

So get up out my face

Cause you don’t fit in this space

This flow will leave you hobbled

Like a three-legged-race


Once again, Americans have made their choice; proving that they are a people of inclusion, peace and wealth for all. Many sacrifices have been made to get to this point but the work has just begun as many Democrats failed to understand the importance of voting democratic across the board, thereby giving the President the support he needs to be even more effective in his appointed duties.

Basically, rich republicans will continue to pimp our system by blocking every move Obama makes for the good of all peoples. There can be no doubt that Americans are held hostage and economically raped as giant firms, corporations and special interest groups fight to keep average citizens caught in economic limbo.
Please understand how this works by using a game of tag as an example…
Lets say you’re a wealthy republican and you’re it. Instead of shielding your eyes and counting as the other players hide, you pay someone else to tell you where everyone is hiding then you go find them all. That’s the first advantage that wealthy republicans have; the power and wealth to sidestep the rules of the game and come out winning without doing their fair share of hustling. They can pay others to do the dirty work that keeps their hands clean when the crap hit’s the fan, because when the jig is up, it will be the “Rat-Fink” who gets the beat-down while the cheater is getting out of dodge.
Before being discovered, the wealthy republican has had plenty of time to get a firm lead I the game because he/she has already scoped out the best hiding places and they are always close to the “Free Zone.” And they aren’t hesitant to offer up a hiding neighbor if it will buy them time to get away instead.
Wealthy republicans know how to change the rules to suit the situation. So when called on a particular game strategy, they are apt to argue down any opposition with insane “logic” that leaves other players baffled and befuddled.
While other players are quarreling about the outcome of the game, the wealthy republican has declared himself/herself winner and taken home the prize.
Democrats and other people who want equality to be the norm rather than the exception must first…
Stop fighting amongst each other and come to reasonable understanding and agreement on key issues that effect all our great nation’s inhabitants.
Give! Time, money, talent and prayer are all needed - all the time, not just during election years. Involvement is not a word, it’s an action and a commitment. Getting to know our neighbors, community leaders and institutions is not the equivalent of nosiness; it’s the togetherness that has enabled all cultures to thrive and prosper. Only when the house, nation, family, community or soul is divided, can it be truly conquered.
As a nation, we have banned together once more to overcome the oppression and tyranny of the wealthy republicans who think we are victims, beggars and valueless beings. Now we must strive to rebuild what has been devastated by greed, scandal, corruption, indifference and hate. We must lend a hand and give a hoot about hope…hope for all Americans.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

THE RANT vol. 1

I really did my best to think good, calm thoughts today. I went to the library, searched for books on one of my favorite topics, Zombies, and what the shnitzle did I come across? A book entitled (Obama Zombies, how liberals brainwashed our generation.) Now, the person who wrote this book is either too stupid to know that a generation is waaaayyyyy longer than four years or the book is written by a pre-schooler and therefore holds as much merit as the Easter Bunny @ Christmas time. Needless to say I was peeved all over again.

I grant you, the republicans may win this election by lies and trickery, it’s been done before; especially if Democrats are lulled into believing that voting doesn’t count, but it’s a sad way to end the day. Just knowing that many middle class Americans are too busy working hard and raising families to know why the republican’s lies are so strongly perpetuated…well, it breaks my heart.

Growth requires pangs. A baby won’t learn to walk if it is afraid to take a step. The republicans want us to foolishly believe that this country can painlessly recover from this longstanding crisis. Everyone, except wealthy republicans has been biting the bullet to aid the recovery process - yet republicans want business as usual in their camp. Unfortunately some republicans, who may not be wealthy are simply misguided when they think that poor people and Government incentive efforts are the real problem in this country, because more natural disasters are sure to come and many of them are doomed to find themselves applying for the same assistance that they claim to despise.

Wealthy republicans throw the word “Privatize” around the same way the south used the word “Secession” before the Civil War. They really think it’s ok to just let states and corporations make all their own rules and do their own thing. I suppose the republicans don’t see the need for national databases or information sharing, either.

This great country will never relive her former status if it is allowed to be driven into the ground by wealthy robber-barons who truly believe that the player with the most toys wins. It is the player who plays best that wins over and over again. Even if it means allowing other players to possess some of the toys so that they can stay in the game. After all, if you are the only one with toys to play with, you’ll have no friends, no allies as everyone else is now working together to dethrone you and divide the spoils. It’s more fun playing when others are in on the game. Greed has a bitter price. Loneliness an isolation.

I am not suggesting that any player should throw the game; just don’t cheat. That’s all the republicans have been doing for the past four years. The republicans have no need to restore the United States of American to prosperity - they are already prosperous at the expense of others.

Ok, maybe the republicans really do believe that crap that they are spitting. People tend to justify the evil that they do. But the results are devastating for the entire world. And just like a child who takes all the toys and goes home, the republicans really want control of the whole court. They want to pick the teams, say who goes first, make the rules, referee, play in the game, sit in the judges chair, and punish the loosers…cause they just know they’ve got this game won.

*Let every DEMOCRAT know that you don’t need an ID to vote.
*Every DEMOCRATIC vote will count, because republican will be rolling their sick into the polls on gurneys if they have to.THEY AIN’T PLAY’N!
*Get those absentee votes in early.
*Poll watches are need for each precinct to prevent republican voter fraud.
*If you are blessed to have a vehicle, PLEASE, be a blessing to some one else and take people to the polls.
*Call friends, family and neighbors to remind then about the election and the importance of putting DEMOCRATS in office across the board so that President Obama’s initiatives will not be blocked in gridlock as they have been in the past four years. 
*PLEASE help our people to understand that school vouchers are the stupidest thing since sagging pants. A few lucky kids get to go to better schools, in another area, if they win one of the few available vouchers in a raffle, while all the others who don’t win in the drawing have to go to the failing schools in their districts…why not work together and make ALL SCHOOLS SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL!
*America is great because of ALL it’s people…not just the rich ones.

Friday, August 31, 2012

What Business Is

Am I Political? Ahh, yeah. I’m not against any group. But I know that the rich can care for themselves, protect themselves, provide for themselves, create the platforms and forums to voice their concerns and use their connections and family ties to ensure that losses are kept minimal while every road to prosperity is ever expanding. That’s a GOOD THING! Of course there are people like Oprah, Bill Gates and countless other’s who are genuinely striving to make the world a better place.
And then there are others. Those who believe that there wealth makes the entitled to clean air while the rest of us breath smog. Those who think it’s ok to dump toxic waste onto the soil of a third-world country, leaving indigenous villagers to drink poison water, while they, the rich, drink only Perrier water. How about those who will vote to under-fund schools while investing in private correctional facilities. Or the kinds of people who refuse to endorse (even actively block) the erection of a grocery store in a low income neighborhood, then complain about the rising healthcare cost of the residents of that community.
No, I’m not against the wealthy; I’m against pimps.
The kind of people, Politicians & Pimps, that say “Trust Me” while they do something unspeakable to you. The kind of devil worshiping, Satanist that think some people were put in the earth to serve as footstools for others. There are people who think that poverty is worst than death and that poor people would fair better if they were dead. Technically these people feel that a lack of means bars an individual from claiming liberties and basic inalienable rights. Theses people think like pimps. Let’s compare:
Pimps think whores are their PROPERTY…..Rich Republicans think they own everything.
Rich Republicans think the poor should only work to build their corporations…..Pimps thinks a ho should give him all the money and line his pockets.
Rich republicans believe that the masses should remain uneducated and thereby more controllable…..Pimps seek out illiterate women and children who are lost and looking for someone to lead the way.
Pimps often use physical punishment to reinforce their position…..Rich Republicans fund military might, lax gun policies, the death penalty; all in effort to keep broke-ass folks In-Check.
Pimps believe in postulating and living large even when they are broke…..Rich Republicans believe is spending tax dollars (which they didn’t contribute) on outdated modes of operating, and wars without cause.
Rich Republicans want us to think things can go on indefinitely as they have. Even in the face of global warming, they want to smile and say “It’s all good.”…..Pimps smile and say “I love you” when they really mean “I love that I have you to make me money and take all the risks”
Pimps and Rich Republicans are both excellent sources for those whose need to be…
Lied to                                             Exploited
Misused                                          Misrepresented
Led astray                                       Brokenhearted
Deceived                                         Broken-down
Enslaved                                         Beat-down
It’s ok if your into that sort thing but you should keep that in your bedroom with other consenting adults and not in the political arena. After all there are people who cannot live autonomously, and they crave flamboyant leadership; however corrupt. Just don’t try telling me that hell is a ski lodge because I’ve read the brochure and I know what’s up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


   Oh yeah, they mad. But so am I! All these opportunities; Schools Social Services, SBA, Medical Assistance, VA, Agencies and Advocates, Local Politicians, Housing and Home assistance (USDA, HUD), Churches, Charities and Shelters; and some people don’t care enough to keep these institutions available, just because they haven’t needed the services offered or because the don’t need them now.

Remember Katrina and every other natural disaster that has claimed the fortunes and dreams countless ordinary folk who were hard-working home owners, now waiting line for food, water and other basics. Help is for anyone who needs it, when ever they need it, regardless of why they need it.

There are people who would have you believe that the only people who request the assistance of Aid Agencies are lazy, undeserving cretins who suck the nation dry leaching the system. Of course the rich needn’t stand in line when the their bottom line is in the red or when they run into a bump in the proverbial road; they simply call a buddy who happens to be a Congressman or Judge and before the general public knows that the rules have been twisted, a new policy, program or law is enacted to give the rich the upper hand. They’d gained the advantage during the Reagan and Bush years. Now they intend to reclaim it and keep it by bleeding everything from every nook & cranny of society until you and I won’t be able to buy a pack of chewing gum without their permission and a special pass.

Oh, they mad ah-ight! They mad cause people are pulling together. Helping those in need. Networking. Creating small business that take change out of their registers. Re-doing, renewing, reusing, remodeling, rehashing and rehabbing and leaving their crap to collect dust on the shelves. They mad cause they can’t keep us down.



My Father told me that when he grew up in Attala County Mississippi, during the 1930s -1940s, “A nigger was just a nigger!” Back then it didn’t matter how much money you had or how you worked, the system was designed to “keep a nigger in his place.” Anyone with basic American history knows this fact, but what many don’t know or (don’t want to except) is that Rich Republicans see all poor people as THE NEW NIGGERS. Some will call me all kinds of bigots after reading this but that doesn’t change the fact that keeping a large portion of the population strung-out, burned-out, knocked-up under educated, over worked, under paid, and lulled into a state of catatonia through mindless television programming and every other vice and distraction that can be thrust into their paths, is simply a way to maintain control: The same way a parent might placate a child with sweets just to get a few moments of quiet in the house---No Difference!
The south didn’t win. So a new game plan was set in action so that those on top ( Would-not Could) stay on top. Don’t get me wrong, being on top is a very good thing. But not when it is achieved via the blood of others.
Why do I get down with this chatter? Simple!
Have you ever seen two hungry animals go after the same morsel? Sharing is not in that equation - Ever! The strongest or the quickest get’s it. This same principal is applied to the poor. “Throw the dogs a bone and let them scrap it out” As for the fools fighting in the pit, it’s winner take all. Not realizing that the real feast is being hidden.
I sincerely hope I don’t come off as militant or angry; I’m just informed. Sharing has always been more common among those who have the least. Take the woman in The Bible who gave a few pennies, but it was all she had. It’s high time for us to be just that giving…GIVE OUR OWNSELVES A CHANCE!!!
The brother hasn’t completed a term in office and what’s on the minds of the poor “He ain’t made no jobs.” let’s face it, the days of making big money for doing elementary work are gone. If the work is simple there is someone willing to do it for half a penny or a machine is already doing it faster and less costly than you or I could ever do it. President Obama, is just that…The President. And there are people who resent that he has heart. But before you think I’m talking out my armpit ---dig up on this. Electric cars such as the (EV1): visit these sites to learn more.

If you seek government assistance under false pretences, i.e.; while working, you would face the stiffest legal penalties and be labeled fraud, cheat, project queen and a myriad of slurs inducing images of great wealth, big cars, furs and jewels. When truth would more likely yield a person that had fallen so far behind during a stint of unemployment, that the needed to continue receiving benefits just to catch up on utility bills and the family members they owe. No body with a thimble of common sense would suffer the headache for such small pittance; less work robbing a stage coach.
Dig this. GM was bailed out by the government, right. Corporate Welfare is what it’s called, right? Are you aware that this company might have been worth trillions by now if the hadn’t allowed the oil companies to burry the EV1. This automobile was efficient, electric and given time on the market it would have become affordable.


Once again the bones have been thrown and it’s time for all people who want a better future, a better country, a better life and a better chance to live, to stop scrapping for bones and go for the real meat. These hedonists are trying to PIMP THE PUBLIC AND CALL IT LOVE.
We know that the next wave of jobs will be in clean energy, so why do they fight Obama when he proposes initiatives that could lead the way in renewably and sustainability. Some of you may know the U.S. Government pays foreign scholars to come here and work in technological fields; they pay everything, travel, housing, five & six figures, and in some cases make them citizens because the jobs they hold cannot be filled with U.S. college graduates. WHY, YOU ASK? Well, the corporations and labs that seek foreign workers for these high paying jobs- say American schools just aren’t turning out top-notch grads/candidates for this job market. But just think of what that same $$$ could do if it were channeled into American schools.
AAAAhhhhhhhhwwwwwww people, it’s all messed up and we know that it will take an act of God, to change things but that does not mean we shouldn’t do all we can, and one thing that we can do is go the extra mile in helping our young people see how they are being PIMPED, how the are being PLAYED, especially when they are led to believe that gaining knowledge is something you do to please a teacher, parent or anyone else. The other thing that we can do is use the voice that others DIED to give you - Vote and give Ourselves, our President and our Children a better chance.