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Thursday, August 23, 2012


   Oh yeah, they mad. But so am I! All these opportunities; Schools Social Services, SBA, Medical Assistance, VA, Agencies and Advocates, Local Politicians, Housing and Home assistance (USDA, HUD), Churches, Charities and Shelters; and some people don’t care enough to keep these institutions available, just because they haven’t needed the services offered or because the don’t need them now.

Remember Katrina and every other natural disaster that has claimed the fortunes and dreams countless ordinary folk who were hard-working home owners, now waiting line for food, water and other basics. Help is for anyone who needs it, when ever they need it, regardless of why they need it.

There are people who would have you believe that the only people who request the assistance of Aid Agencies are lazy, undeserving cretins who suck the nation dry leaching the system. Of course the rich needn’t stand in line when the their bottom line is in the red or when they run into a bump in the proverbial road; they simply call a buddy who happens to be a Congressman or Judge and before the general public knows that the rules have been twisted, a new policy, program or law is enacted to give the rich the upper hand. They’d gained the advantage during the Reagan and Bush years. Now they intend to reclaim it and keep it by bleeding everything from every nook & cranny of society until you and I won’t be able to buy a pack of chewing gum without their permission and a special pass.

Oh, they mad ah-ight! They mad cause people are pulling together. Helping those in need. Networking. Creating small business that take change out of their registers. Re-doing, renewing, reusing, remodeling, rehashing and rehabbing and leaving their crap to collect dust on the shelves. They mad cause they can’t keep us down.

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  1. I love that the Web allows us all to have a voice. I want to share my opinion because…I have one. I love people, my fellow man. Loving Jehovah means doing all that I can to be a good steward of all that I’ve been blessed with. It also means caring for people. I hope my ideas cause introspection and action.