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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Rich want to Pimp America

I know that everyone is ready to cast their votes in the upcoming elections, so why would I take the time to voice concerns about candidates? Simple. To share with everyone what I’ve learned while researching options.
On the national front, many Americans may not know that there are wealthy persons who derive great pleasure and benefit from the impoverishment of others. Just like a Slave Driver, Flesh Peddler or Master Pimp, these persons need feeble-minded followers to build their empires into the massive frameworks that continue to flourish exponentially. One “ho” doesn’t make a pimp rich, just as a few unemployed people don’t create a recession. But when a pimp’s whores are trained to recruit other wayward souls, then his/her stable grows and the money pours in. Such is the case with a Government run by wealthy hedonist who know nothing of the plight of the “Average People” that they have been chosen to represent. Most of these politicians have known wealth all their lives. They have no idea what a single parent endures to raise children, keep them safe, in school and on the right path. They are brainless to the horrors faced by working families as their funds plummet from the high costs of food, health care, and other basic necessities of living. Most wealthy politicians are clueless to the experience of foreclosure. And loosing the family home is so common that many Americans and now living in a permanent state of mental decline and clinical depression.
Why do so many politicians spend so much time slinging mud at President Barack Obama? Because they know that he understands the issues of most Americans! He has been in the shoes of many of them and he truly wants America to be a better place for All it’s Citizens! Not just the rich. Not just the movie stars and athletes. Obama wants every hard-working man, woman and teen to peruse their dreams in the country that was built on dreams.
As the first President to introduce legislation against Human Trafficking, he is informed about the underrepresented and he is in touch with the most vulnerable of our country’s population. President Obama is not yielding to the rich, therefore they want him out.
Lies and propaganda must not win over truth. Look around! The rich will tell us that there is no money, yet they continue to BUY! SPEND! And even SPURGE on the desires of their fancy---while the rest of us struggle to pay light bills and eat. The rich go and do as they please while average citizens are incarcerated for driving without auto insurance, failing to pay taxes and a plethora of other minor offences, that mark them as criminals and tear asunder families. Unemployed husbands commit desperate acts while mothers fall asleep behind the wheels of cars after working two - and even three jobs. Teens fill detention centers for lack of constructive activates while the rich send their children to private lessons at country clubs.
People! Be ye not deceived. President Obama did not create the dire state in which we now exist, but he is working to turn our country around - back to the Great Nation that is once was; where all had a chance to realize The American Dream.
-The rich did not want everyone to have health care…they have it.
-The rich do not want to pay fair tax rates…we pay them first.
-The rich do not want immigrants to enjoy the wealth of this
nation…but, the gladly send our jobs abroad.
-The rich wage war on drugs…they import them without fear.
-The rich employ whole law firms to defend their infractions…if I have
a job, I don’t qualify for free legal representation.
-The rich strip our schools of operating funds…while sending their
children to private institutions.
-The rich call us beggars when we seek government
assistance…while requesting millions in aid to bolster failing
companies and corporations.
-The rich call us animals when we stage demonstrations in the
street…yet they fund wars in other countries just to sell the bullets
and bandages to them.
-The rich tell us to eat healthy…yet; price fixing causes vegetables
and milk to cost more than candy and soda.
-The rich say we are lazy…yet they employ immigrants to do the jobs
that we apply for.
-The rich can afford to spoil their children…many Americans can’t
buy medicine when their kids get sick.
-The rich can stay in hotel suites that cost $2,500 - $9k per
night…many Americans can’t pay their mortgage or rent. Click here
to see how they live:

-The rich don’t know anything about you or me…yet they say they
want to govern us and represent us as our leaders.
-The rich no nothing of poverty…yet they make the policies that
create impoverishment.
Haven’t we had enough of their lies and tricks. Don’t fall for it people. Remember Regan’s “Trickle Down Effect ?” What do you remember trickling your way? I remember Crack trickling into my neighborhood. I remember prices rising while my paycheck dwindled. I remember the lies and I’m not hearing it or having it.
The rich might think of themselves as Master Pimps but I’m not on the stroll for them!


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