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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I for one am afraid of Monsters. Not the kind of monsters that most of us have childhood memories about; the ones concerning nightmares and wet beds…my monsters are the kind that feed their thoughts on a diet of darkness. These are the kind of monsters that hide away evil in the hollows of their hearts, allowing it to fester and grow, ultimately consuming them. Just as the tree is known by the fruit that it bears, so is the monster by the deeds that it does.

Unlike the monsters that kept us awake at night, with visions of gnarling teeth, bloodstained claws, and hair growing from all parts of their bodies- these monsters have the faces of everyday people. They wear the faces of our neighbors, co-workers, clergy, and even our relatives. They are the people that we shake hands with and tell our troubles to. They are the people that we feel in-touch with as we go about our daily lives…and so we trust them.

We trust these people to drive us and cook for us; putting our very lives in their hands. We trust these people to love us. So there is no surprise that we trust them with our precious children. We know, that they know, that we love our babies. Yet these Monsters think very little of taking them from us, robbing them of their innocence, and breaking our hearts. The future is forsaken by these monsters as they feed their wicked fantasies on a generation.

GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!