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Monday, May 2, 2016


To Pimp: verb 
Use, Manipulate, Enslave, Take Advantage, Exploit, Pander

Pimps: noun
Systematic or Institutionalized Oppression

Imagine a beautiful mad-scientist, hell-bent on conquering the world but there's one hiccup, he has to get past God. So what would any cowardly villain do when attacking the head of the household is off limits; they go for the kids. After all, destroy the youth and there's no hope for the culture/civilization.

That's the way all pimps work. They poison the minds of the precious youth that parents have sacrificed for, robbing them of their hope for the future.

Mind you, real pimps are not the colorful clowns portrayed by the entertainment industry; They are the corrupt courts, indifferent educators, greed-driven leaders and criminal-masterminds who pass themselves off as politicians and business-people.

Pimps are anyone who would profit from the misery of another. Megalomaniacs and sociopaths who lack any forms of human empathy. Thus they are not only capable of atrocities to fellow human-kind, but feel justified in doing so.

This was the case with the first pimp, Satan, and remains so today as more and more people feel entitled to misuse and abuse others, whether for profit or licentious pursuits.

What better way to punish the creator than to degrade His Children?

The world is full of shrewd, crafty and ingenious people who wouldn't (Knowingly) profit from the degradation of another human being (or animals), but Satan has a way of making the profane seem normal while depicting honorable endeavors as odd and out of sorts with reality.

This Blog is entitled "Pimpology" to express my desire to share truths and wisdom as I seek enlightenment along my journey through life.

I have been Blessed to see and experience much and I know Jehovah as kept me for His good purpose. I am compelled to explore the hidden and share the light which has been so graciously shined upon the shadows of my life.

Pimplogy is not meant to shock or offend. It is merely a rallying cry to wake up and look around, for Satan is on the loose to kill, steal and destroy. Uncovering his tactics may help someone avoid his various pitfalls and traps, which he has laid throughout the world.

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  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2016

    Satan is ruthless and all encompassing. He will give you all you want just to take it from you to bring about the question,"Why me, Lord?"