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Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello my friend. I take it that you, like most of us, are going through something. I’m here today to share a bit about adversity: you know, those challenges that seem to turn us every which way but loose…

We hate to see it coming, but come it must, if we are to evolve as people. There is much to be learned and gained by adversity. Just look at a baby learning to walk; it’s the falling down that teaches the babe to balance and hold on to support. Likewise, we find our truest strength in adverse situations: overcoming and persevering teaches us to trust ourselves and the wise counsel of others. We experience growth from pushing through the pain and we gain stability and greater self-reliance.

Most of us love to shine. We brush and polish our hair, teeth and skin into a state of radiance. But when it comes to our souls, we resist the abrasion, the heat, friction and pressure that fashion us into better human beings, enabling us to shine brightly for Christ.


  1. Thanks for sharing my blog...SMILE!!!

  2. AnonymousJune 05, 2016

    To many people believe they do not have a soul or how they live now is all that matters. To some, the soul is not eternal so why does adversity matter? Adversity brings about change. Change brings about self definition and clarity. All of us have adversities but can we truly understand the changes that were brought about because of it?