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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


“Give me my roses while I can yet appreciate them…” my Mother would say, and so do I. Let me enjoy them as I live. Witness their beauty, caress their silken petals and smell their sweet perfume. I am not royalty, yet, no queen pageant winner has known more pride than I for all the praise and accolades given me.
I ask only that you heed my sage advice and follow not the tawdry paths that I have taken, for they have taken their toll. Choose you paths of your own; and not for fame or folly-but the path of enlightenment due all those who would seek the truth. I have lived long and seen much, and this much I know…Your life is your’s and you must live it for you.


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    1. Thanks Steve.
      My apologies for taking so long to reply as I am still learning to Blog. I am heading over to you site momentarily...SMILE!!!